Laser treatment is a popular technique used to fade and remove unwanted tattoos. The success of the treatments depends on type of tattoo and the ink used.
We use a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser to fade tattoos. This has two separate wavelengths so that different coloured inks can be treated. The bright light of the laser heats up the tattoo ink and causes it to fade.

The fading is slow and multiple sessions are usually required. Black ink absorbs all the laser light and therefore does the best. Some coloured inks are very tough and will fade with multiple laser sessions. Amateur Indian ink tattoos respond very well to treatment.

Our advanced Q-Switched Lasers produce extremely short pulses of high energy light, which are absorbed by the ink particles in your tattoo, causing them to break down into tiny fragments. The minute particles of tattoo ink are then disposed of naturally by the body’s own immune system, resulting in less tattoo pigment and gradual disappearance.
  • Minimal Pain
  • All coloured tattoos can be removed permanently
  • Requirement of Anesthesia is relative
  • Can be removed in one session if Tattoo is faint & superficial
  • Deeper Tattoos require multiple sessions every 2 to 4 weeks

How Does The Laser Treatment Work? ?

The tattoo ink soaks up the beam’s energy and gets extremely hot for a fraction of a second. This is enough to break up the ink causing it to fade slowly. Over the next few weeks the body can clear these small particles of ink. When these are out of the way the laser beam can shine down to the next layer of ink. Allow at least a month between treatments

What are the Unwanted Effects?

Scarring is unlikely but it can occur.

If it does occur it is usually in the form of some change in texture of the skin. This is more likely if you pick any scabs. There can also be some loss of natural skin pigment in the treated area, which usually improves with time. The chances of it happening can be reduced by following the doctors prescription to the point throughout the course of treatment.

What is the Post-treatment aftercare ?

A sun tan gets in the way of the laser light,  use a high SPF sunscreen, before and during treatment.

Be gentle with the treated area until it has settled down so as to minimize the risk of scars. Avoid picking and scratching.

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