Removal of Freckles, Moles & Skin Tags

Freckles are multiple, flat spots on the skin that start at a young age and darken with sun exposure.

Moles are very common. They are due to proliferation of melanocytes (pigment cells) within the skin. Moles can be flat or raised, oval or circular and can range from pink or brown to black in colour.

Skin tag looks like a small piece of soft hanging tissue and can be clear or pigmented. Skin tags are generally benign, non cancerous small tumours of the skin which cause no symptoms. Skin tags can appear on any part of your body, but are most common in the following areas: eyelids, armpits, under the breasts, groin, upper chest and neck. Often they catch on clothing and can become inflamed and irritable.

The best thing about Freckles, Moles and Skin Tags is that they are highly treatable with our latest lasers. The treatment usually ends with a highly satisfactory result.

The Solution at Skin Square for all three are very similar. Usually there are 2 types of treatment options and after your thorough consultation, the doctor will decide which will be the ideal option for you.

Removal of Freckles, Moles & Skin Tag is done by a Radio Frequency based Cautery which is considered the preferred method of removal. The procedure is relatively pain free, quick and simple and because the RF cauterises the Moles & Skin tag there is also no bleeding. The treatment itself will last approximately 15 minutes.

Laser Removal of Freckles, Moles & Skin Tag is used when it does not have a visible stalk. It is still a relatively pain free treatment, but the recovery time post treatment is slightly longer than the RF. As with the RF, there is only a minimal chance of scarring when the aftercare advice is followed.

  • Minimal Pain
  • Non Surgical procedure and takes only minutes to complete
  • Requirement of Anesthesia is relative
  • Can resume normal daily activities immediately
  • Avoid surgeries and its potential complications and downtime

How Does The Laser Treatment Work? ?

The tattoo ink soaks up the beam’s energy and gets extremely hot for a fraction of a second. This is enough to break up the ink causing it to fade slowly. Over the next few weeks the body can clear these small particles of ink. When these are out of the way the laser beam can shine down to the next layer of ink. Allow at least a month between treatments

Does it Hurt?

Rarely Does Anyone Complain. Most people find the treatment tolerable or slightly uncomfortable. It’s not uncomfortable enough that we ever use topical numbing creams prior to treatment. Pain thresholds vary, and in our practice we find that men tend to have lower thresholds for pain than women, but rarely does anyone complain about the pain of the laser treatment.

What is the Post-treatment aftercare ?

It is possible for freckles to return with sun exposure, so it is extremely important to wear sunscreen daily, both before and after treatment.

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