Non-surgical facelift is a non-invasive treatment intended to freshen and rejuvenate the face without surgery. The face is the most visible part of a person and is thus what creates a huge part of any first impression.

Over time, the skin loses elasticity and freshness as a result of age, exposure to the environmental elements, gravity, and lifestyle factors like smoking, among other things. Unlike in other areas of the body, your facial skin is attached directly to the muscles. With age, these muscles begin to tire and droop making your skin sag and wrinkle.

With the help of a non-invasive facelift, you can improve the appearance of your face, and specific concerns that may be affecting you. These may include draping skin on the neck and chin. Neckbands, also known as turkey neck, are caused due to the prominence of the platysma muscles, accumulation of the fat and saggy skin on the neck
Anyone who is considering getting a face-lift should always do their research thoroughly and think carefully about their decision.

Photo rejuvenation treatment is really popular right now, as it is able to use laser treatment technology get rid of everything from fine lines and age spots to enlarged pores, sun damage and other signs of ageing. It makes the skin look fresher, smoother and more youthful, without the patient having to go under the knife.

The treatment uses an Advanced Intense Pulsed Light system by Lumenis on the skin to break up pigmentation, collapse broken capillaries and boost collagen in the skin. All of this can make the skin look clearer, as well as improving skin tones and reducing wrinkles.

The way the treatment boosts collagen in the skin can gently lift facial laxity lines, as well as plumping up any wrinkle or crease lines around the eyes, forehead and mouth. It takes multiple sessions for the increase in collagen production to take effect

  • Painless procedure
  • No Side effects
  • Requirement of Anesthesia is not necessary
  • Treating the damaged skin in a non-ablative manner without disruption of the skins surface
  • Can cure broken Capillaries, Benign brown pigments, Age spots, Sun-induced freckles, Wrinkles etc.

Non-Surgical Facelifts – Do they work?

When you are young, say in your twenties, specifically formulated high-end anti-wrinkle face creams, which are used regularly, will help. Once you move into your thirties and forties, you need more invasive treatments to reverse as well as prevent the signs of ageing… Injectables are not the whole solution!
Once you are in your high forties and fifties, reversing the signs of ageing is core to your results… Surgery does not need to be the solution!
You can have a skin, face and body lift using highly advanced superceutical skin care creams in conjunction with advance-grade technologies.

What results can one see?

In almost all cases, visible improvement after initial sessions
NO risk and natural-looking results
Safe, pain-free and little or no downtime
Tightening of your skin
Production of massive amounts of new Collagen & Elastin for ongoing  improvement
Lifting & firming skin and muscle
Reduction of sagging
Significant reduction of wrinkles and mild scars
Elimination of pigmentation, Rosacea, Spider veins

Continuous improvement and a halting of the signs of ageing

What is the Post-treatment aftercare ?

It is very important that you follow carefully the advice of your practitioner following any type of light treatment to help make the treatment as successful as possible and to reduce the risk of complications afterwards.

After-Care may include –
Moisturizing the area treated regularly.
Not exposing the area treated to the sun without a sunscreen for at least 2 weeks to reduce the risk of pigmentation or change in skin colour. A high factor sun screen should be used daily to protect the skin

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