Improving Complexion

If we could wave just one “magic wand” for skin issues, We would do it for pigment problems and improving complexion. This one skin issue accounts for so much of psychological pain, self-consciousness and frustration. It is understandable !

All over the world men & women are supposed to have blemish-free, even-colored, glowing skin, and it can be very difficult to attain

Pigment in the most superficial layer of the skin is the easiest to treat because as the skin renews itself, the pigment will slough/shed. But when the pigment drops deeper down into the dermis, the renewal process is much slower and treatment cream/lotions don’t reach it. The hardest of all is when there is also in increase in the number of pigment- making cells and the pigment is deep
At Skin Square we have the latest Fractionated CO2 lasers which use pulses of light that vaporize skin in a pattern of micro “dots,” leaving the surrounding skin intact, for quicker healing. While it’s not a substitute for a face-lift, customized laser resurfacing treatments effectively reduce lines, wrinkles, blood vessels, discoloration, and scarring. The Non-ablative laser stimulates collagen growth, allows for tightening, and leaves the skin noticeably smoother, with a vibrant, more youthful appearance.

Looking for a lunchtime treatment with no downtime? Intense pulsed light (IPL) removes redness, dark spots, acne, sun damage, and other skin irregularities. It may take several short sessions to achieve the desired results, but the Non-invasive anti-aging treatment can boost collagen and improve skin tone, clarity, and texture.

  • Treating pigmentation and improve complexion with no discomfort
  • Younger-looking skin without drastic facial changes
  • Oxy-Spray can be used on the part of the skin which gives the necessary moisturising and oxygen supply to the skin
  • Treatment doesn’t require any Anesthesia
  • Helps in toning the skin on your face and gives well Anti-aging effects and overall health improvement of your skin

How Does The Laser Treatment Work? ?

Pulses of laser light reach deeply into the skin’s sub-layers, treating the aging support structure. Then the body’s natural healing process sweeps away older, damaged tissue and rebuilds it with fresh, new collagen and elastin—the crucial building blocks of smooth, youthful skin.

How long does the treatment take?

The procedure can be performed in as little as 30 minutes or less, depending on the size of the treatment area.

What is the Post-treatment aftercare ?

A sun tan gets in the way of the laser light, so avoid the sun, or use a high SPF sunscreen, before and during treatment.Be gentle with the treated area until it has settled down so as to minimize the risk of scars. Avoid picking and scratching.

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