As one of the leading aesthetic clinics in Pune, we aim to empower change in everyone we meet. Be it defying the signs of ageing or enhancing your beauty potential. Skin Square can provide effective solutions with its comprehensive laser technology of beauty innovations and wide range of exclusive cosmetics.

We aim to provide you with the best of both worlds; a synergy of non-invasive cosmetic dermatology as well as cutting edge plastic surgery. This unique marriage of non-invasive and invasive aesthetics allows us to serve all your beauty needs without prejudice or limitations. It allows our fully trained medical and surgical team to create the most pleasing aesthetic outcome for you using our wide range of services and treatments.

Skin Square Pune has constantly been at the forefront of new technologies, being one of the pioneers in the Asia region to offer the most latest and technologically advanced treatments. Our doctors use advanced cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery techniques, the latest lasers and aesthetic innovations to help you improve your appearance, freeing you from the boundaries set by age and society.

At Skin Square, we listen to you. We want to make you feel good about yourself, as we make you look better. Whether it is a subtle enhancement or a dazzling makeover, we have the answer in our comprehensive services of beauty innovations, dedicated medical aesthetic team.

With us, you are only as old as you think you are, or as plain as you let yourself be !!

Our Aim and Philosophy

We are an Exclusive Skin & Hair Clinic in Pune

We thrive to provide good quality cosmetic medical and surgical services, dedicated to shape and define your life. We provide a full range of non-invasive and invasive treatments for face, skin, body and hair.

We have a real enthusiasm for our each and every Patient

As part of a network of centers locally, we are committed to sharing experience and expertise to improve our level of care and results.

We are here for you and your cosmetic concerns !

We provide clear explanations on all possible treatments. You can expect to be attentively looked after from the start of treatment process. Along the way, we will tailor the treatments to meet your needs and expectations.

Perfecting Your Skin & Body Is Not Just Beauty, It's Also About Feeling Good About Yourself !